Marla Devens

I am an approved DONA Birth Doula Trainer.  I remember how I felt when I started my journey and I'm excited to see you start yours.I have been doing birth doula work for 18 years and have attended around 1500 births. I was trained both as a doula and a birth doula trainer by Penny Simkin, one of the founders of DONA.  My journey led me to teaching/mentoring new doulas in my personal life and through my involvement in a local doula organization called The Childbirth Collective. I speak Spanish and worked for 3 years with Hispanic mothers through a doula program at Hennepin County Medical Center. I have 7 children and amazing grandchildren. I have been training birth doulas for about 10 years now and love sharing my experience and wisdom with women starting on this amazing journey. I have a plethora of stories to tell and I find that these stories are worth their words in gold. I look forward to sharing them with

Attend all three classes required for certification in one 3 day weekend!

Location:    Unity Hospital, Fridley, MN
Dates:        See "Schedule of Upcoming Workshops"
Times:        CE Intro Class  ($100)             Friday, 8am-4pm        
                   Breastfeeding Class  ($60)     Friday, 5pm-8pm   
                   Doula Workshop  ($300)         Sat. and Sun. 7:30am-5:30pm 

Postpartum Doula Training Sessions:

I have been a postpartum doula for 10 years.  I offer a two day training session covering topics related to working with families after the baby(s) are born.  This training does NOT offer a certification from a national organization nor does it make you a member of any specific organization.