Marla Kay Devens, CD, BDT

Marla Kay Devens, doula since 1996 and over 10 years training experience.

Marla Kay Devens, doula since 1996 and over 10 years training experience.

I began my journey as a doula long ago. As a mother of seven it seemed a natural career choice. Being a birth doula has not only afforded me flexibility and choice in my career, but has brought a challenge and fulfillment to my life that I am honored to pass on to you. It was my great privilege to be guided as a doula and birth doula trainer by Penny Simkin, one of the founders of DONA International, and my involvement with the Childbirth Collective over the years has given me enrichment and insight into the struggles and joys of expecting mothers. Now, with more than 1,500 births attended and over twelve years of training experience I am excited to share my experience and wisdom with the women choosing to enter this important profession.


My Promise

Through my accelerated training you will gain the technical knowledge necessary to ensure the best birth experience for your birth givers, as well as the confidence and perspective to enter into the time-honored tradition of women helping women bring life to the world. 

The truth for women living in a modern world is that they must take increasing responsibility for the skills they bring into birth if they want their birth to be natural. Making choices of where and with whom to birth is not the same as bringing knowledge and skills into your birth regardless of where and with whom you birth.
— Michel Odent


"Marla, you are awesome! I so appreciate your medical knowledge and your motherly wisdom. I have learned so very much from you this weekend. Thank you so much!"  -Becky, RN of 30+ years

"It was a great learning experience and it was worth the wait.  I would recommend Marla as an instructor."  -Nancy

"Marla is one of the best teachers I have ever had! I learned so much and can not wait to get started. How lucky the doula community is to have her."  -Beth

"As an educator myself, I tend to set the bar high for any training I take.  From the moment Marla opened her mouth and started talking, I was confident in my decision to take her workshop.  Marla's style of teaching embodies such multifaceted principles that I was mesmerized immediately.  Not only did she demonstrate various positions to try during labor, she took us to a hospital room to show us how to work within the confines of that space.  Although her demeanor is gentle and calm, she is extremely focused and stays true to the principle of any given point she is covering.  After a weekend of her expertise and insight, I was totally ready to put myself out there and start taking births, which is exactly what I am doing.  I give Marla's training the highest mark possible!"  -Julie                                

"I found Marla's doula training to be comprehensive, easily accessible, and fun! Her teaching style allows for many different learning styles by incorporating lecture, creative problem solving, group activities, use of multimedia, and hands-on practice of techniques we learned. Marla also has a way of bringing people together in a community of learning. She encouraged us to support each other and set up a structure to make that happen. That has allowed continued learning for me by keeping in contact with friends I made in the class so that we can learn from each other as we begin our doula work. I highly recommend Marla without any hesitation whatsoever. She is well known in the doula community as being a stellar teacher."  -Sue

"Thank you, Marla, for such a great training! I know I'm not the only one all jazzed and ready to support some mommas!  You are like the best kind of midwife, guiding a new baby and mama into following their right path to birth, only you are bringing new doulas into the world! I therefore dub you Midwife of Doulas. :-)  Thank you for being so giving of yourself and helping us all build our foundation."  -Sarah 

"Marla was wonderful.  Feel so fortunate to have had her for a teacher and would encourage others to be instructed by her."  -Martha

"Marla was awesome, it is a gift for her to share her knowledge and experience.  I most loved her stories that were as true a lesson as the material itself."  -Heather

"Marla's long history of doula experience was expertly gleaned and condensed to cover the most important info necessary to start my learning journey as a doula.  Excellent teaching transparency and wisdom.  I am so glad and thankful I was led to her training."  -Elizabeth

"I could tell just by her enthusiastic presence and nurturing personality with us in class, that I would want her to be my doula!  She clearly has a high level of respect and compassion for not only childbearing women, but for all of humanity."  -Laurel

"Very receiving, welcomed any questions and answered from knowledge, experience and heart.  Gentle and extremely knowledgeable."  -Jennifer

"Marla has a distinct sense of honor for pregnant women and its very clear when she tells her stories."  -Elizabeth

"The time spent in the Labor and Delivery room was so helpful!  I feel like I know the "guidelines" now and how to best utilize all of the stuff in the labor room/bathroom for great labor support.  Don't feel so intimidated now to go to that first birth."  -Kim

"At the end of the workshop, Marla recommended we set up a Google Group of all the students in the class. I volunteered to set it up and its been a great way to stay in touch and share those "first birth" stories with each other.  We can also see who's available for back-up and ask questions about certification etc.  Love it!"  -Susan

"I am a first time mother and I don't regret leaving my 4 month old baby for the whole weekend.  Marla was wonderful, from food to attitude."  -Dee