Two day Birth Doula Workshop

This two day workshop is held on Saturday and Sunday from 8:00am until about 5:30pm.  We will have a morning and afternoon break and an hour for lunch from 11:30 - 12:30.  The cost for this two day workshop is $325.

About DONA Certification Standards

DONA International has the highest certification standards for doulas worldwide. When a doula adds the letters CD(DONA) or PCD(DONA) after her name, it shows the world she has met all the requirements of DONA's rigorous certification program.

Achieving certification is a process that requires dedication. Before beginning the certification process, it is recommended that you learn about what it means to be a DONA International doula. Browse the DONA International website, read the Position Papers, Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics, and other DONA International literature that you will find there. You might even wish to find DONA International certified doulas in your area through the doula locator and talk with them about their experiences as a doula. Then decide for yourself if serving mothers, newborns and families as a DONA International certified doula is right for you.

DONA Workshop Course Outline

I.        Introduction to Labor Support

II.       Prenatal Support and the Doula Business

III.      Communication/ The Ideal Birth

IV.      Comfort Measures

V.       Support in Labor

VI.      Getting to know the Labor Room

  • During this portion, we visit an actual labor and delivery room at Mercy Hospital. You will receive demonstration on: where everything is, what you can or should not touch, positions for the bed for labor, positions in the tub for labor and uses for the birth ball in the labor room.

VII.     DONA International/Certification Process

VIII.    Challenging Childbirth

IX.      The Newborn/Doulas Role in Breastfeeding

X.       Postpartum Support