For certification, you must attend a 12 hour Childbirth Education Class offered by a certified instructor.  We, as trainers, can offer a 7 hour CE Intro Class that meets this requirement. This class is offered for your convenience and is held the Friday before the workshop begins from 8:00am to 4:00pm.  It is highly recommended that this class be taken before the workshop dates, but is not required,  it can be taken before or after your workshop dates if need be.  This class is held at the same location as the two day workshop and the cost is $100.  You will be given a chance to opt for this class on the registration page.

CE Intro Class Outline

I.        Pregnancy and Fetal Development

II.       Physiology of Birth

III.      Medical Definitions and Interventions

IV.      Gate Pain Theory/Pain Medications

V.       Problem Labors

VI.      Cesarean Birth

VII.     Normal Newborn/Newborn Procedures

VIII.    Comfort Measures/Breathing/Relaxation

IX.      Postpartum